Earn Money Flipping Websites with Flippa

While you can write content or create apps and opt for actively working online, the reality is that you can also get some good passive income if you have the right ideas. For example, you can sell websites on Flippa for a very good profit, and you don’t even have to create those sites, to begin with, at least most of the time.

Yes, Flippa can be a very good platform to make money, but you have to figure out the right way to sell sites here and earn a profit. With that in mind, we created a quick list to help you identify a good, fast way to monetize your Flippa presence in no time.

Start with targeting a niche

The good idea is to create the site on your own. The reason is simple; it can lead to high profitability in the long term for the site so that the sale price will be higher as well. That being said, you have to target a niche that you are familiar with.

Even if you aren’t vetted in a particular niche, make sure that you do a lot of research. Most of the time, targeting a niche like this will bring you the potential and information that you will need in this regard. If you can find a sub-niche and work on that. For example, sites about food are very popular, and there’s a lot of competition here. But go for organic or vegan foods and obviously there will be fewer competitors.

The idea is to figure out whether the niche has a strong following or not. If there is a strong following and you can’t find lots of sites on it, then this is the right niche to target here. And yes, it can make a lot of profit.

Should you build the site yourself or hire someone to do it?

Usually, if you create a site on your own, you end up with much smaller costs. But there are some requirements, for example, you need to be very good at programming, you need to have a lot of time on your hands, and you have to pay for plugins, themes, and other tools as well.

Hiring a freelancer allows you to focus on your project without doing all the work. There are many freelancers from all over the world that create websites on a daily basis. So yes, this can be the best starting point for such a website, to begin with.

Whether it’s better to hire someone else or do it yourself, that is totally up to you. If you lack the time and knowledge to create such a site, then hiring someone else is the best option. But if you are good at programming and can create the site on your own, you should try to do that.

Get content for your site

Creating the site is only the beginning, however. You will also need to get content for the site and populate it right away. You can invest in high-quality writers if you need to receive the best possible content.

Flipping on Flippa

When you have the site ready to go, you just have to go to Flippa and Create an Auction. Here you will need to describe the site, as well as integrate the site type, age, platform, PR and so on. It’s important to add statistics because people want to see the overall revenue of your site. On top of that, a professional description can make you stand out too. Don’t shy away from details, as those are extremely important.

Place an image of yourself, because this will give more trust to potential buyers. Anonymous sellers aren’t trusted, so adding an image does help. Your site has to be sustainable; it needs to generate a good income if you want to sell it for good money.

After your listing is ready, share it online and reach all the buyers you can. Remember that people don’t just stumble on your auction, so marketing is very important. Promote your auction anywhere you can, including forums. If you do this and follow these ideas, you can make quite a lot of money!

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