In-Home Child Safety Consultant

Yes, this should be a thing. New parents aren’t typically the smartest or the best at asking for advice. You can not imagine the dichotomy of parents split on whether to child-proof their home or be lazy and let nature take its course.

Unsecured Dressers Hurt Children

CPSC estimates that more than 43,000 consumers are injured each year in tip-over incidents (including a close family member of mine).  It can literally scar them for life.  If you’re already a licensed carpenter, consider promoting a different side of yourself and save the kids! You don’t necessarily need to be a carpenter, but it does help. Anchor that stupid cheap Ikea dresser that you can’t seem to get rid of from college to the friggin wall.

The Simple Things

There are plenty of other simple fixes too. Cap the outlets not in use to prevent kids from getting acquainted with electricity too early. Install child barriers where needed so kids can learn to use the stairs the proper way.

Installations & Insight

Build a safe crib if it’s in the client’s budget or suggest cribs that have a high safety rating.

Setup an IP camera in the baby room for parents to monitor their child.

Redesign the storage space for toys.

Give insight into the relationship between pets and newborns, if that is in your field of expertise.

Offer tips in proper nutrition, if you’re qualified to do so as well.

If life has taught me anything, it’s that valuable information passes to you either from a book, a person, or experiencing it first hand. And I doubt anyone would want to experience a dresser falling on their child first hand. So spread the word and get these people truly ready for what it means to be a parent.

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