Make Money Being an Overwatch Gun for Hire

Overwatch is one of those games that have managed to take the gaming world by storm. It has around 30 million players on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and the numbers grow all the time. But the reason behind all this success is a lot of hard work, testing and, continual updates that come from Blizzard. However, a lot of people that already play Overwatch for hours each day have started to find some ways to monetize their time spent within this great video game. And that’s when the Overwatch guns for hire came into existence.

What is an Overwatch gun for hire?

Simply put, the Overwatch gun for hire is a person that plays a substantial amount of Overwatch and which will help you play and get good at the game for a price, of course. The benefit you get here is that you are teaming up with an expert and most of the time you get important tips on how you can boost your game.

You can find Overwatch guns for hire on many sites out there. Some of them are specific; others are service websites that also include this type of mercenary.

To become a gun for hire, you first need to make sure that you can and are indeed willing to help others. For the Overwatch mercenaries, in particular, you have to spend at least a few hundred hours to play the game and learn everything within it. That’s the only way to get good at the game, to play as much as possible and master specific characters.

When people want their own personal support player, they want someone which is very good with a specific character. Some will want you to focus on the offensive because that’s where they are lacking at this time. Others want you to help them with the defense heroes like Mei or Junkrat, because they don’t have a lot of knowledge about them.

Either way, the idea here is that Overwatch is a game that does require a lot of time to be poured into it. There’s also a competitive mode that will require you to beat other people to rank higher. It’s not going to be an easy feat, but the more you play, the better you will get at the game. And when you feel that you can help other people play Overwatch a lot better, then you are set to become an Overwatch paid to play player.

What should you know about the competition?

A thing to note about Overwatch and its mercs is that most of them are female. There’s certainly a gender preference here since more than 200 listings on Fiverr alone are from women that become an Overwatch paid companion. That being said, all of them have played the game a lot and have invested a several hours of their time and with specific characters, such as Mei, Reinhardt, and Mercy, among others.

So yes, if you want to become an Overwatch, you have to be ranked among the best players in the world. A good tip here is to increase your rank in the Competitive side of the game. By showcasing your rank as a picture, you are bound to show people that you are very serious and you can help them.

How can you become an Overwatch gun for hire?

The process is not as hard and complex as you may imagine. Simply put, you just have to put in the practice. You need to have a good understanding of what strategies work for each map, and which character is the best in each situation.

Aside from that, you need to be good at teaching other players how to utilize these strategies. The idea is that you want to be a team player, one that is very dedicated to communicating and showcasing any mistakes. It’s not going to be a simple task though because these skills come in time.

You will play with more and more people to gain these skills, but the results as a whole can be great. You want to be friendly, and you need to figure out which are the best skill uses and strategies for each player.

Just like in any other business, you want to learn everything about Overwatch to tell others all these tips and tricks, for a fee of course. That being said, you also need to improve your aim as much as you can. Overwatch is a game that’s all about dexterity, focus, and attention to detail. Playing it will be a true challenge, but if you play with a team first, it will be easier.

So yes, you want to start off with a team if you want to become an Overwatch gun for hire. This way you can learn from the potential mistakes, and thus you can teach others about the potential issues as well. But this can be one of those things where you will get to learn more and more about Overwatch and its secrets.

Reading some walkthroughs such as and, as these can help you learn how to become a pro gamer with a great success rate as well. In fact, if you become a pro gamer in Overwatch you can get better chances at becoming a gun for hire.

Can you make real money from being an Overwatch gun for hire?

If Fiverr is any indication, then yes, you can make a few hundred dollars just by being a gun for hire in Overwatch. That being said, more and more players have started to sell this sort of service online, so there is a lot of competition out there. You have to differentiate yourself from everyone that sells such a service. The way you do that is by being the one with the highest rank. Or you can play more games with each person, for the same price of $5. Try and identify which is your primary incentive that will make you stand out when people want to play Overwatch with a pro. Once you know that, it will be easy to become a personal Overwatch gun for hire, it all comes down to promoting your gigs on social media and waiting for clients!

You can check out Kotaku’s article linked below to learn what it’s like to hire a gun.

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