Publish an E-Book

Writing a book can be a marvelous thing. And since it’s so easy to write on a computer and publish a book online, you can effortlessly earn a hefty income simply by writing whatever book you may want. All you have to do is to create the right book for your audience, and you will generate a respectable income. But how can you write and publish a book?

Writing an E-Book

The first thing you want to know is the idea behind the book. Are you writing fiction, or do you want to take a more academic approach? These things are important, because they will give you a direction for the novel.

Once you’ve nailed down the idea, you will have to create a structure. It’s important to shape your thoughts before you start the writing process, as this will give you a guideline for the entire book. You can see the structure as a skeleton, and you can add to it all the time, depending on the material that you want to put there.

After you have everything ready, get to writing. You can use every day writing tools like Word, but at the same time, there are dedicated apps for fiction writers that allow you to manage characters and other relevant content. It’s up to you whether you want to use Scrivener or another fancy application.

Make sure that you go over the book multiple times during the writing process. Even after that, you will need to review and even rewrite some portions of your masterpiece. The idea is to create a high-quality product, and you may not be able to do that right off-the-bat. Taking your time is extremely important here, so don’t prepare to publish the book online until it is absolutely ready.

Publishing Your E-Book           

Now that you have the book ready for your readers, you will have to share it with a friend or two, so you can get some input. You will also want to check their feedback and make the final changes regardless if you don’t agree with the opinions you’ve received. Of course, you will also need to design a cover, so hire a professional to do that, or maybe try to do the cover on your own if you’re artistically gifted as well.

Formatting is a crucial part of publishing. Make sure that the book is easy to read before you publish it, usually you can use dedicated formatting apps or even plain old Word to do this. Then, convert it to the supported formats depending on where you want to publish your e-book. Most of the time, PDF, RTF, KPF, and MOBI are the most popular formats.

If you want to publish your e-book, the best online marketplace, in my opinion, is Amazon. So, visit and create an account. Then you can choose to upload the book, add all the relevant information like Author, Bio, and Price. Keep in mind that any licensed content you used should be listed at the end of the book or on that page.

Check that everything is correct and press publish. The books aren’t automatically approved, they will be screened first, but most of the time you will have your book uploaded in no time. And that’s really it. The entire process is rather laid-back to go through, so you should check it out if you want to earn money writing a book!

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