Monetizing Your Blog

You’ve finally made a blog. Congrats! Pat yourself on the back and pour yourself a nice glass of scotch. No, wait. Scratch that. It’s not making any money…. yet.


In Your Face Advertising

There’s the direct approach. You can sign up with, grab their quick WordPress plug-in, and go to town on collecting (skip this advertisement) clicks. Or you can take a moment to really understand your user base and reconfigure the ads to be less annoying to your user. Unless you have a blog with content people are dying to see, I wouldn’t go with this method. But to each their own, right? You can configure this plugin to either convert some or all of your links into a middle-man to intercept your traffic and reroute it to a page with an advertisement. Don’t get me wrong. This method pays, but it might kill your user base. Tread lightly. You can also configure the plug-in to have a pop-up on the landing page as many times per hour as you see fit (this method works best). Finally they offer the option to turn on pop-under ads and exit ads to capitalize on your bouncing traffic. Mess around with the plug-in and see what works for you. See the example photo to get an idea of what you’ll be dealing with.

The Laid-Back Approach

Maybe you think your site will garner enough traffic and you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding ads. Google has got your back with Google Ads. It just a basic script that you can plug into your page that will scan the user’s history and offer ads to the individual. Forgot to buy that thing on Amazon you were just looking at? Don’t worry, with Google’s creepy Ad service, they will just pop that up into the advertisement slot on your site. This is the semi no-brainer way of advertising. The only catch is that your users have to actually click on the ad for you to get paid.

The Hodgepodge

I personally prefer this method. It gets kind of zany trying to keep track of all your advertisements, but at least you can customize it to your niche. If there’s an online product, you can probably find an affiliate / webmaster program for it. When your users like a certain product and you promote it, shouldn’t you get paid for that? That’s what this is intended to do. You are setting up an affiliate account, grabbing their link, and injecting it into your blog where you see fit. This can be tedious, but your user base will thank you for not throwing creepy or in-their-face ads at them all the time.

Selling Backlinks

As I mentioned before in the article here, buying backlinks can be beneficial to your site in gaining organic traffic. But if you already have traffic and you’re looking to bank on that, consider selling backlink space to other users. Again, I would tread lightly with this. You don’t want to be giving away precious backlink domain authority power without knowing who you’re giving it to. If you’re a well respected tech blog, you don’t want to throw a link to an adult website up on your page. That will just throw both of you under the bus. You want to sell backlinks to those in a similar niche so that you help each other like a buddy system.

Promoting Writers

Some writers want to just make a name for themselves. If they can just get that one good article up on a respectable site, it’s going to launch their career or at least they can stash that link in their portfolio. If you consider yourself one of those top-tier blogs, consider selling the opportunity to post an article on your site.


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