Backyard Fun with Inflatable Bounce Houses

Do you like kids!?! If you’re anything like me, the answer is probably no. But if you can at least tolerate them, then maybe we’re getting somewhere.

Where to Get One and the Plan

Take a peek online at ebay here at these inflatable backyard bounce houses. They even have a full gauntlet to run through! Don’t you wish you played in one of these growing up? My folks used to take me to the summer carnivals every once in a while and when the stars aligned just right, a bounce house would appear. 

But every generation likes to one-up their predecessors when they can. Unfortunately, it’s not always affordable to own your own bounce house nor practical, unless you want to start a killer side hustle!

Let me introduce to you the amazing world of wet or dry bounce house rental service! The concept is quite simple, albeit the execution maybe complex, unless you build experience.  Buy one or two of these babies, pop some fliers in the mailboxes of an affluent neighborhood in the suburbs with good backyard space, and you’re in business. At the end of the day, the hardest part would be coming up with a brand name since this idea is so awesome! Don’t get me wrong, these things are heavy (roughly +250 lbs). You’re going to need help. But at least the kit featured here comes with an electric blower, stakes, and a repair kit.


Our PSA / Disclaimer:

You should probably get a good lawyer or someone with legal expertise to point you in the right direction of creating a waiver for the customer to sign. It would need to say something like Crazy Jim’s Backyard Bounce House is not responsible for your child’s incompetence… blah blah blah…, but in intelligent legalese! The last thing you would want is a lawsuit on your hands.


Do your due diligence and survey your market. Maybe you’re in an over saturated area where everyone’s mom’s brother’s uncle has an inflatable side business like this. Differentiate yourself by updating the model, service, or advertising. There are plenty of newer bounce house models out there. There are several options for pricing as well. You can rent it out to the client per hour, per half day, or even an entire day.


Don’t forget to comment below if this seems like a viable side business for you, and as always, good luck side hustlers!

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