Sell Original Items on Etsy

Etsy is being considered as the world’s largest commercial center online for handmade goods. Building your own shop and selling on Etsy requires you to visit their website and setup your account. You get to choose a unique account name because one account name can have different shops. That means you can easily categorize your crafts and put them up on various shops. This makes it easier to manage your business.



Make proper research before opening your business. Research the requirements and fees for various sites, and compare the statistic of each site. Your area of interest will determine the particular niche you would start selling on. A proper research will give you an insight on the best selling category on Etsy.


Tagging means choosing keywords that potential customer will type in for their searches in Etsy, just like in Google. Esty provides 14 tags and successful sellers use them all. Tagging takes practice and should be referred to the monthly blog post on Etsy. It informs sellers of the coming season’s style and color trends and suggests tagging terms.


Pricing in Etsy is tricky! Customers will flee when you price too high. And when the price is too low, customers won’t take you seriously. Compare prices with your competitors and aim for the general average of those prices and then go a little bit higher.

The secret of pricing on Etsy

If you want more sales then raise your prices.
It’s the psychology of Etsy! Pricing your items a bit higher will have an impression of value. More so, it is also good to have a couple items with very high prices; they make everything else look buyer-friendly.

Photos – Sharpness and Colors

Taking high-quality photos of your products are very important to make potential customers more interested in your goods. Take standard close ups and full shots of all items in a well-lit environment so that customers can clearly see what the each product look like. High-quality photos will generate more sales than low-quality photos that are taken in poor light; they will seem out of place and won’t show the complete product or probably give potential customers difficulty in seeing the details in your photos.

Finally, make sure you adjust the sharpness and colors of your photographs. Use the “sharpen” filter in Photoshop and then adjust colors and levels. And, if you don’t own Photoshop, then Picnik is a great site to use where you can upload your pictures and adjust them in a few simple steps to really make them look really great.
Once you setup your account, you can now start listing the items that you intend selling. Simply click on the “List an Item” link and then get started. Make sure to be specific with your description and include colors and measurements of the item to provide more information to your prospective buyers.

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