Running a Successful In-Home Daycare

Global evolution and the rising need to work extra hours to meet our financial needs have made child care services very much sought after. An increasing number of parents are searching for the best care for their children while they work. This has made the establishment of an in-home day care center a perfect business option for individuals who love working with children. Additional traits with value in this industry include; physical strength, patience, dedication, kindness, and understanding. These traits when combined with a passion for taking care of kids provide a powerful platform on which a successful home daycare business can be built.

As rewarding as successfully starting and managing your own home based daycare can be, it requires the attention of some key issues which are vital to its smooth operation.

After studying parameters like time, dedication, and location before choosing to go through the path of an in-home daycare business, it’s important to begin assembling enough information from experienced people and professionals in the industry while preparing your particular project.

Your project execution should best start with engaging a legal professional for information and assistance in the follow-up and acquisition of all the licenses required for the business to run.



The next domain in need of close attention is the design of the area where the kids are going to be entertained. This area should be spacious with a reflection of warmth and safety behind every detail. Security should top the list of characteristics for every piece of equipment you chose for your home daycare; from play toys to educational items and even food preparation tools. Most of your equipment including toys should be geared towards education. This is a big plus for success and examples of must have tools that fulfill all the features of safety are; sand and water tables, musical toys, soft-play tools (riding toys, crawlies, mats and blocks), lockers and shelves (accessible to the children), bins and trays, markers, water colors, old greeting cards and many more.

Be alert towards damaged and worn out equipment for discard and replacement because some of them become dangerous.

There is also need for a designated personal work area where all business related issues are kept, handled and controlled.



Effective time management is essential to the successful running of your in-home daycare. Creating detailed time tables and schedules helps very much in achieving this. Allocate regular nap time for the children which also offer resting opportunities to the caregiver. Clearly, outline periods for play and snacks which will be interesting to the children. Colorful fruits easily get their attention.

Since your business is based at home, family and friends tend to interrupt with visits and calls with the misconception that it wouldn’t cause any harm. Drawing the important line between personal and matters related to work requires full cooperation and support from your family and friends. Achieving this is vital in the successful management of the business.



Generally, in-home day care businesses are small scale with just a few kids. This implies a single caregiver is often very ideal. In order to keep the usually high caregiver to children ratio, invest enough time and resources to get staff assistance with proper training, license and certification in the domain of child care, when the number of children become a little heavy for you to handle alone. This prevents overworking and enables effective management.



The running of every business is facilitated by records and an in-home day care is not exempted. Setting up a system for accurate and organized recording of client details, expenditure, scheduling and other important details is essential to the success and sustainability of your program. It makes analyses on your budget and income possible and can also be used to highlight areas of the business which require enhancement or cuts.

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