The Secret to Getting Web Traffic to Your Site

For those of you up-to-date in the world of website making and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this may come as no surprise. But for those of you that may have let your website crumble and decay for a while, there is a more popular way of generating organic traffic to your website.

The Power of Backlinks
  • A backlink is basically nothing more than a link to your site on someone else’s site. If the website that carries your backlink has a high status in the eyes of a major search engine (Google) known as Domain Authority, the search engine in turn will start to rank your site higher as well (Link Juice). The crawl bots will scour the page for links. When it finds your website, the search engine will follow the link to your site as well, indexing it. In particular it will index the keywords that it finds relevant on your site. When viewing your search statistics, you will start to gradually notice new keywords being searched that lead to your site. This will translate to organic and hopefully non-bouncing traffic. Wouldn’t it be nice if your site actually appeared in the search list when that was the intent?
Getting Backlinks
  • There are three ways to get backlinks. You can either beg a friend or colleague with a website that has Domain Authority,  you can create your own blog with tons of content and real comments to setup links on, or you can buy them. Option three tends to be the taboo option, but definitely the easiest and quickest. If you’re offered a free backlink, be suspicious. Fake or bot traffic will do more damage to your search ranking. If you’re in the market for some backlinks, head over to Fivver and see what sellers have to offer. Some are even specific to your topic / genre / niche.
  • If you bought a backlink, some time has passed, and nothing is happening, you should re-evaluate the quality of the backlink you purchased. So be picky about who you go with. You may have to dish-out a little more money for a permanent backlink, but they’re worth it in the long-run.

If you’re still looking to make a WordPress blog or website, check out the quick setup guide here.

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