Professional Weed Puller and or Executioner

You heard me right. You could easily go out and start your own professional lawn care service dedicated to the control and or eradication of those pesty SOBs, weeds.

The Tools

You’re obviously going to need something to pull those weeds out of the ground. From personal experience you should check out the Fiskars 4-Claw Weed Puller linked here. This little contraption surrounds the weed, digs fairly deep, and pulls it out of the ground like you’re harpooning Moby Dick. Best part of all is it can be operated with one hand if you were so inclined to put all that one-handed power to use. After dislodging the weed from the ground, you can cock it like a hearty shotgun and launch that sucker.

You will need to also get your hands on some industrial herbicide for the weeds. The store bought stuff may not cut it.


There are lawn care services, landscapers, and other weed control services to compete with. But the one thing that I never really see is someone actually pulling the weeds out of the ground. I guess those lawn care companies really want you on the hook for their services. You should one-up them with that nifty weed puller, stuff those weeds in a bunch of lawn bags, and count them as your trophies for the day. Presently them proudly to the customer and claim sweet victory over those smug weeds that thought they had it so good multiplying all over the dang place. You can charge by the hour or service scheduled. If you’re really dedicated, you can more than likely up charge for regularly scheduled maintenance. Like I always say, survey and feel out your market for a good price.


For the love of (insert what you believe in here)! Don’t badger customers. If they truly like your services, they will become dedicated customers. Your service should speak for itself. I’m not saying don’t go out there and advertise, I’m saying don’t be calling people at work asking if they would like to continue your service. Move on, do good work, and give out your card. Even do some free promotional work if that will garner you a good client base. Fliers, a website, and maybe a stick in the yard of someone you just performed service for. That should do it.

If you enjoy lawn-care or don’t mind doing it in your spare time, this might be the side business for you. Until next time, keep side hustling.

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