Create a Real Blog with WP in 3 Steps

Ok. I might have exaggerated a bit with the three-step plan, but bear with me and you’ll be up and running a blog like a true webmaster in no-time.

Step 1 (Basics) :
  • The saying usually goes don’t write the title first. Write the story and then the title will come to you. In this case I highly disagree. You’re looking to start a blog and I’m sure you have something in mind. Find your .com – Go to Siteground’s web domain checker by clicking on the signup button, and see if your 1st idea has been taken. “” was already taken!?? Try again and again and again until you can finally settle on a .com that you can live with forever. It’s the hook, title, and essence of your new blog. No pressure. After finding a domain that’s not registered, buy it.
Step 2 (The Meat):
  • Grab a service package that fits your needs. If you only need one site, then pick the 1st option Startup. If you’re going to need more sites later, pick option 2 GrowBig. Option 3 is their largest package GoGeek (commercial grade). Don’t make the same mistake I did. I thought I could start with one basic site, so I went with the startup package. Turns out creating blogs can be fun and having one is not enough. When I upgraded to the tier 2 package, I lost the signup discount and the hit was full price (ouch). After grabbing the developer package and domain, the Web Hostingfoundation is set. Now go over to the My Accounts tab at Siteground after logging in. Click on your c-panel button. This is the heart of web-hosting. It may look confusing if you’re not familiar with website designing, luckily were not staying here long. Now click on Softalicious. This package acts as an installer for blog software to your site. Next, click on the giant WordPress button and install. The setup first asks you to choose a protocol. There is http and https. Https is a secure site with Secure Socket Layer. The other (http) is your run-of-the-mill site. Just know when choosing Https, some web statistic sites, plugins, and other gizmos don’t play well with this designation. So do a little research and settle on one. Don’t enable multi-site unless that’s your intention. That’s for creating blogs within your blog and it’s a headache if you’re not going to be doing that.The remaining items should be self explanatory (user name, password, ect.). Just remember to check the box for Loginizer to block malicious login attempts. After the install completes, you should get an email from Siteground stating so in less than a minute. Save the website addresses given to you after the install. One of them is your WordPress login (
  • If… everything I wrote above in step 2 looks foreign to you, or you get stuck, don’t worry. You can go to the support tab and chat with customer support. They can setup everything and even install a fresh copy of WordPress for you.  Those guys are awesome.
Step 3 (Get Rolling):
  • We’re in the home-run stretch. If you want to look at your site like a blank canvas, go to your .com and check it out. It should have a basic WordPress theme installed and be functioning. Now login to your WP dashboard with the website address mentioned in step 2. This is your new home and now the bane of your existence. I’m just kidding about the second part… maybe. Anyways, you want to start activating and installing plugins. See the list below for my top recommend plugins.
    • Jetpack – It does too many things to list…
    • SG Optimizer – Keeps your pages fresh on command if you’re impatient like me!
    • UpDraft Plus – An easy free backup software that’s saved my a** more times than I can remember.
    • Yoast SEO – Super nit-picks at your posts and can be annoying, but it’s good for Search Engine Optimization blogging.
  • Lastly, you’re going to want to grab a theme. There are plenty of free ones on the internet for WordPress. The usual catch is that you have to by the “PRO” version to activate more aesthetic options.

That’s the gist of starting your own real blog with WordPress. I hope this works for you, and as always, good luck side hustlers!

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