Drive with Lyft Today

Have a Car and Some Spare Time?
  • Try driving with a popular ride sharing group like Lyft. I state Lyft first as opposed to Uber just because of personal preferences. You might find it more advantageous to drive with one company over the other. Several people drive for both, run both apps at the same time, and simply switch out the flag before fares. Lyft is well established and has been competing with Uber and Taxis on the regular for many years now. Is it safe? Well that truly depends on your area. Maybe you live in a well-off area that could really use the service, other times you’re in an over-saturated area with low income. The point of this article is to get you side cash today.
What do you need?
  • The requirements are fairly straight forward. You will need a valid driver’s license, a smartphone,  and be over 21. Surprisingly, you don’t need a car as one can be rented through the company. But one can only guess that the pay would be severely capped by renting a vehicle. Your insurance company will ask you if your car is used for this kind of service which will likely result in a premium hike. Lyft offers their own insurance policy to drivers, but be weary of the coverage in the fine print.
Best Times to Drive
  • From my experience, if you can drive in an under-served  or non-saturated area during peak-times, you can make some decent bank. It would be hard pressed to imagine picking up intoxicated people from the local watering-hole at 2AM is fun, but with a couple of rides, you should be making some decent side scratch. Peak times are also in the morning and evening during rush hour. So if you work odd hours and find yourself available during those times, the rate would definitely go up. So, do you have to drive all the time to make a lot of money? Yes, but that’s not the idea. Were here to add a side hustle and hopefully not ruin your only mode of transportation in the process.

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